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The story behind the Prayer Stones…

The first prayer stones I made were created for my daughter and her group of fellow SURF team members at Camp Redwood Glen Salvation Army Camp. I made them to show my support of these amazing teens as they began to deepen thier spiritual connections with each other, the world around them and God,(insert the Universe, Source, Higher Power, whatever you are comfortable with) .

As they moved through the experience they could reach into their pockets and be reminded that they are loved and to take a minute to say a little prayer and give thanks or ask for help if needed.

Then after the the recent tragic events in the U.S. and other countries Marianne Williamson posted this on her Facebook page…”We need a 24/7 rolling wave of prayers for peace. Commit at least 5 minutes daily, invoke the Love that unifies and heals. #prayersforpeace”.

That got me thinking. I wondered what I could do to help start the rolling wave? And then I was reminded of the prayer stone that I carry (pictured) and use throughout the day to stop and say a little prayer, recite a daily affirmation or mantra. What if I started handing out prayer stones to people I met as I went about my day and they all said a little prayer for peace? One person at a time we could get the rolling wave started. So, I created a Facebook page and began painting prayer stones and asked others to do the same. Just pass them out and share the message.

It was never the intention to sell them however people began to ask. So my sister and I have started to paint more prayer stones and sell them, because not everybody wants to paint rocks but they do want be part of the rolling wave of peace.

Did you find or receive a Prayer Stone? What a gift! Let us know where you found or were given your little gift and post it! Let’s see how far these little stones of peace and love are thrown. Sometimes after carrying your stone for awhile you may feel called to pass it on to someone else who may need it. Enjoy your Prayer Stone and the power of random kindness and prayer/meditation/affirmation.

Share your Prayer Stone experience¬†on the Prayer Stone Facebook Page! Let’s watch the wave of prayers start roll!